PACU Manager Summit Luncheon & Presentation: ER 101 and 201: Creating Service Line Specific Pathways Through Enhanced Recovery Protocols

Wed. September 18| 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM | Rivergate Room

After this session you’ll be able to:

  1. Create a generic Enhanced Recovery Pathway (ERP) as a foundation for an Enhanced Recovery (ER) program.
  2. Identifying the process for expansion of ER into multiple service lines.
  3. Discuss the need for service line-specific pathways to ensure a sustainable ERP.

Why this is important:

Enhanced recovery (ER) is an approach to major elective surgery that integrates strategies that work synergistically to minimize perioperative stress for the patient and thus expedite recovery. The benefits of ER, particularly in terms of reduced complications and length of stay, have been well documented.

Developing a protocol for ER can be intimidating, and it is often difficult to reach consensus with care providers of differing backgrounds and service lines. Chappell and Morton will discuss the general principles of an ER protocol that are applicable to all service lines: preoperative optimization, intraoperative fluid management, opioid sparing/multimodal pain management, and postoperative optimization through early parenteral intake and mobilization. They will also examine the expansion and customization of ER protocols to create service line-specific pathways.

Track: General Session, Networking Opportunities, PACU Manager Summit, PACU Manager Summit - Direct Credit

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Desirée Chappell, MSNA, CRNA

Desirée Chappell, MSNA, CRNA

Enhanced Recovery Expert, DLC Enterprises and Managing Editor


Role: Speaker

Vicki Morton, DNP, MSN, AGNP-BC

Vicki Morton, DNP, MSN, AGNP-BC

Director of Clinical and Quality Outcomes

Providence Anesthesiology Associates

Role: Speaker