Hybrid OR Town Hall Session: New Perioperative Technology: What Are You Afraid Of?

Thu. September 19| 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM | Exhibit Hall B - OR of the Future

Change is inevitable, especially in healthcare. Advancements in perioperative technology are going to force you to step outside of your comfort zone and incorporate new practices within your surgical suite. Members of the Hybrid OR Steering Committee are commonly faced with questions like, “When am I going to be replaced by a robot?” Join us for a robust Q&A session with forerunners in the development and expansion of hybrid operating rooms as they address the changes coming our way and the necessity of working together. Share your concerns with our panel and take home their lessons learned as well as those of your perioperative colleagues and manufacturing partners.

Track: Events in the Exhibit Hall, OR of the Future (Including the Interactive Hybird OR)

Registration Type: All Access Pass, OR Manager Conference Only, PACU Manager Summit Only